Become a stealer of forms in GRIME II and venture into a new and mysterious land in the GRIME universe, where danger and wonder await around every corner. Use your surroundings in tandem with your summoned molds to overcome deadly enemies and epic bosses, and explore a rich and diverse world full of secrets and lore.


Absorb defeated enemies, shaping them into molds which can then be used for special attacks.
Use molds to throw enemies, fire projectiles, stun, and even turn into summons.

Environmental Combat

Wherever you go, the environment provides ample opportunities

Parry and Grasp

Send tendrils at your enemies up close or from a distance. Parry enemy attacks to have your tendrils deal massive damage and execute enemies from afar by grasping and absorbing them into you.

A Lived-in World

Discover incredible locations made of painted nails and giant vases, each with its own unique civilization, culture, and deep characters to converse with.

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